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Primarily focused on science-fiction and comics, Pop Culture Bandit has been active since January 2013 and features regular reviews on properties such as 2000AD and Doctor Who. We also review Superhero TV shows such as Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter, Gotham and Supergirl - yes, I know we should watch Arrow and The Flash, we're getting to it!

Pop Culture Bandit is run by Jamie (aka Jamb) - a thirty-something comics geek who loves Marvel Comics (mostly Spider-Man) and has been a fan of 2000AD since he was 12 (Prog 940-ish) although he has taken time apart from the magazine at the odd intervals.

For review enquiries, please email PopCultureBandit@yahoo.co.uk - but please do allow plenty of time for any unsolicited reviews as this is a one-man-band and I have a day-job too!

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