Thursday, 26 November 2015

Review - Bob: Non-Union Psychic # 0

Bob: Non-Union Psychic # 0
Created and Written by: Lance Lucero
Scripted and Edited by: Adam Volle
Art by: Francisco Resendiz
Published by: Warehouse 9 Productions

Continuing my foray into the world of Indie Comics, I was recently offered the chance to review a quirky horror-comedy series from an independent publisher, Warehouse 9 Productions, called Bob: Non-Union Psychic. The central premise at the heart of this comic is brilliantly imaginative, featuring a young hairdresser who also moonlights as a private investigator, egged on by his great-grandfather. With its blend of the mundane and the supernatural, the series certainly manages to ‘channel the spirit’ of the original Ghostbusters movie into its witty script.

This introductory “zero issue” is dense and full of content, effectively presenting the character and his unique status-quo to the audience. There are some great twists and turns in the narrative, and despite being an “origin story”, the issue flows really well and develops the character organically. While the easiest comparison to make is with Ghostbusters, the series is still its own beast and features its own comedic style, separate from the 1984 horror-comedy, although it is clearly an influence. Lance Lucero and Adam Volle work well together to develop a surprisingly complex narrative that doesn’t patronize its audience, forcing them to figure out some of the plot twists for themselves. There are also some great moments of banter between Bob and his grandfather that helps “grease the narrative wheels” and keep the exposition from feeling too perfunctory.

The other major draw to this series is Francisco Rensendiz’s absolutely fantastic artwork. It’s certainly a distinctive visual style, but has a self-assured confidence that is rare in independent comics and even some mainstream ones! I really enjoyed the glossy animated style that Rensendiz’s work brings to the comic, emphasising the comedic elements of the script. With such a distinctive style, it’s hard to think of mainstream comparisons, but there were some very slight echoes of Humberto Ramos’ style at times. Aside from wonderful character designs, Rensendiz also manages to capture a sense of momentum in his panels, ensuring that the more action-orientated sequences flow nicely.

Overall, I found myself very impressed with this debut issue of Bob: Non-Union Psychic – it struck the perfect balance between humour and horror, with a distinctive artist that helps the comic stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. Fans of fantasy genre TV shows, such as Supernatural and Buffy the Vampire Slayer will find plenty to enjoy here, whereas Ghostbusters fans will enjoy this more subdued look at the supernatural. It's a great example of independent comics and as the foundations of a new comic book series, Bob: Non-Union Psychic excels in setting the scene with a group of wonderful characters, and I look forward to reading about Bob’s next adventure into the spiritual world.

Score - 9.3 out of 10

Bob: Non-Union Psychic # 0 is available to buy digitally from the Warehouse 9 Productions web-store for $3.99. Check out a video trailer for the comic here. The creative team for this issue can be found on Twitter, so give them a follow and shout-out my review!

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  1. Wow! Thanks for the awesome review! Pop Culture Bandit rocks! and thanks for supporting indie comics!

    Lance Lucero
    Creator and Writer of BOB: NON-UNION PSYCHIC
    Warehouse 9 Productions, Ltd.


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